Owning a game truck alone will not get you calls or book you parties, as some game truck sellers would have you believe. When buying a game truck, you will have to invest between 65,000 to 0,000, without a franchise fee or marketing fee. With this much invested, you will want to begin earning income with your game truck as soon as possible.Where I live, a person who will eat anything that doesn’t run away has got to be crazy, because where i live you Have to STAND FOR SOMETHING when it comes to food.A lot of the information that’s available out there doesn’t help either. Some diet programs tell you to cut back on fat and eat more fruits and vegetables. Others tell you to eat all the meat and bacon you want, as long as you stay away from most fruits and vegetables. I suspect that somewhere out there, someone has written a book describing the virtues of cake and ice cream as diet foods. So how do you know which foods to keep and which to eliminate?